Lloyd’s of London

Mitigate climate and financial risk. Stop insuring fossil fuels now.

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Mitigate climate risk together

Lloyd’s lags behind other leading insurers by not mitigating the climate crisis. Change starts from within. You have the power to influence Lloyd’s to become a climate leader.

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Join the growing network

Lloyd’s is starting to wake up to the fact that ensuring the planet’s future is mission critical. Join the global movement to drive Lloyd’s away from fossil fuels.

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Climate scientists and financial analysts agree it’s in the best interest of the insurance industry to stop insuring new fossil fuel projects. As the world’s largest energy insurer, Lloyd’s risks undermining its position by falling behind industry leaders with its weak policy on fossil fuels. Lloyd’s has a closing window to ensure a safe transition to a low carbon economy by stopping all coal, and new oil and gas insurance.

Our vision for a better Lloyd’s market ESG report

Insuring coal, tar sands, and Arctic drilling until 2030 and insuring new oil and gas exploration and production does not fit with the vision of
“responsible underwriting and investment to help accelerate society’s transition from fossil fuel dependency, towards renewable energy sources,”
which Lloyd’s ESG policy professes.

Our five demands

No new insurance of coal, tar sands and Arctic energy.
No insurance renewals of coal, tar sands and Arctic energy.

The Problem

Lloyd’s ESG policy leads to catastrophe

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The Solution

Mitigate climate risk, insure our future

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Dirty Projects

Lloyd’s is insuring catastrophic fossil fuel projects

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