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As a member of the Lloyd’s marketplace, you can help Lloyd’s become an industry leader in tackling climate change.

Fossil fuel exit policies are in the financial best interest of insurance companies and are the most important ESG action they can take.

Other industry peers are paving the way on coal, oil and gas exclusions. It is time for Lloyd’s and Lloyd’s marketplace to catch up to its peers and stop insuring climate-wrecking energy sources that significantly increase catastrophe risks and destroy livelihoods. Continuing to provide this insurance also undermines investments, and carries a reputational risk.

Help Lloyd’s become a climate leader

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Get up to speed on the science, why insuring fossil fuels is bad for the planet, communities and business, and how Lloyd’s stacks up to its peers.


Connect with colleagues

Ask your manager or colleagues how Lloyd’s, or the Lloyd’s market members you work with, are helping to prevent climate chaos and what more they can do.


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Let management and your colleagues know you want your company and Lloyd’s market to become climate leaders, and how.

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