Staff Action

As a member of staff at the Lloyd’s marketplace, you are well-placed to help Lloyd’s become an industry leader in tackling climate change.

Coal exit policies are in the financial self-interest of insurance companies and the most important ESG action they can take, found Societe Generale. It is in the best interest for the Lloyd’s marketplace to stop insuring climate-wrecking energy sources that significantly increase catastrophe risks, undermine investments, and destroy reputations.

Help Lloyd’s become
a climate leader

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Information: Understand the issue

Inform yourself on the science, why insuring fossil fuels is bad for the planet and business, and how Lloyd’s stacks up to its peers.


Conversation: Connect with colleagues

Ask your manager or colleagues how Lloyd’s, or the Lloyd’s market member you work with, is helping prevent a climate catastrophe and what more it can do.


Action: Propose solutions

Let management and your colleagues know you want your company and Lloyd’s market to become climate leaders, and how.

Are you a member of staff at Lloyd’s or working within the Lloyd’s market?

Take this survey to share your thoughts on Lloyd’s fossil fuel insurance and investment policies. The survey questions are in regards to the underwriting and investment aspects of Lloyd’s current ESG policy.

Your answers will be completely anonymous. We will use your feedback to inform our thinking and will publish a summary of the responses here, in due course.

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